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Are you ready to focus  on what you're good at, and let us help your business thrive?

We assist small businesses and not-for-profits to achieve their goals by supporting the three pillars of business: Strategy, People and Operations

Our Services

When strategy stops working: If you or your team struggle to plan the work for each month, can’t take advantage of  opportunities or are constantly putting out fires and not achieving goals, your strategy needs some work.

How we make strategy work for you: The same structure is needed to keep your business on track. We use our evidence-based Strategic Planning Program to help you set a clear direction, plan effective actions and achieve your business goals.

When people feel lost: People are the heart of any business, whether it’s just you looking to outsource a few tasks or a company of 80+. And yet, people and their mindsets are often the biggest challenge to getting things done!

How we help your people: Our consultants provide current human resources, culture and leadership advice across different industries. Our partnerships have supported businesses to recruit and develop their team, while protecting business interests. 

When operations hinder more than help: Regardless of your business size, you’ll have a never ending list of things to do… providing services, marketing, team meetings, finances, system updates, social media… the list goes on.

How we improve your operations: We map your activities and establish if you need specialist project or ongoing internal support. Then, we recommend and can help implement changes to free up your time and improve business effiencies.

We offer a better  way of working

Industry Experts

Every consultant has experience and qualifications across different industries and professions.

Inclusive Approach

Proactively creating safe spaces for everyone we work with and learning to do better.

Empowering Businesses

Helping businesses to thrive means teaching and upskilling others, and eventually putting ourselves out of the job!

Australian Owned

Australian owned and led by a team of strong women, motivated to build a better way of life for Aussie businesses.

Just looking for some expert advice?
Try a Bearfruit Power Hour!

For just $295, virtually meet with one of our business experts who specialises in your area of concern and pick their brains for a full hour. Start work right away with a customised action plan and a recording of the session.

Transforming one business at a time

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We're here because of you

Our mission is to support Australian businesses and not-for-profits to thrive by empowering them to proactively shape their strategy, people and operations.


We know that when businesses are bountiful and sustainable, the people and communities they impact also benefit. We want every Australian to be able to design their lives to suit their needs, regardless of the business or role they work in.

Client Testimonials

“Danielle came into our $25M project that had stalled and was not going to meet deadlines. Despite significant legal, HR, and stakeholder engagement complexities, she grasped the key challenges quickly and then led the solutions to deliver the project while keeping all parties aligned and on board.”
Resources Industry
“I'm so glad that we found Danielle. From optimising our employee contracts to providing industrial relations advice during legislative changes, she made our HR processes more efficient, reduced our risk and helped to create a better culture and working environment. Thanks Danielle!”
Not For Profiit
“Bearfruit's Strategic Planning Program has changed our business for the better - permanently. The combination of long-term strategic planning and regular 90 day check-in's has helped our small team to stay on track and hit all our goals.”

Owner and Founder
Grant Writing Small Business